How To Apply lilash serum?

This article is for those who are bored with heavy mascara or chemical eyelash extensions, but still want to get fuller thicker and longer eyelash. By reading read this post to learn about lilash serum and to get your ideal eyelash length.

This product is one of the most popular lash enhancer, unlike mascara or false eyelash, eyelash serum works to works to nourish the lashes and hair follicles to regrow naturally longer eyelash. If you want to learn more about this wonder product, just feel free to view the posts on our store.

What’s the correct way to use lilash?

Firstly, you should clean up your skin makeup, then dry your face. Brush this serum along the lash line of upper eyelid, which is similar to the use of liquid eyeliner. It is advised to keep using 8 to 12 week and the amazing result can be seen soon. When you’re happy with your lashes , just keep twice a week for maintenance purposes.

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